No more excuses to mistreat your users and customers!

Assistants as a Service provides the first Assistants as a Service in the world

We have designed assistants that can be deployed in record time based on use cases with a minimum of customization. Assistants are now easy to deploy with high ROI. The objective is to transform your customer relationship, make your teams more efficient and significantly improve customer satisfaction 24/7. You can optimize your contact center by 35% and 85% while retaining your customers.

A clear and simple all-inclusive off-the-shelf offering to make conversational Assistants

Assistants as a Service: assistants with minimal customization

Easy to design / customize and deploy: short time to market and unbeatable prices

Onboarding and Conversational Design training: quickly become experts

Support to create your conversational assistants to increase your ROI and your customers’ satisfaction

A sovereign offer: 100% French tools

★ Saas Version : Data security and confidentiality, hosting in France

Multichannel Assistants

By Phone

Your assistant is deployed on your phone lines and handles calls independently.

Google Home/Alexa

Connect your virtual assistant to a speaker in just a few clicks! Build revolutionary scenarios!


Deploy ChatBots on your web pages so you can process requests automatically.

Phone :  “Assistant as a Service”

Our flagship product: a voice assistant on the phone for call centers. Our Phone VoiceBot takes care of all your calls, 24/7, qualifies them and handles them with 40% to 90% automation on certain subjects.

chatbox web

Incoming (CALL CENTER)

On all topics: phonebot for appointment booking, phonebot for appointment confirmation, phonebot for appointment reminder, phonebot to remind unpayed bills.

Your call center is reinvented. 

Intelligent telephone standard/Smart Switchboard

★ 24/7 Contact Center – opening hours, outside opening hours
★ Understanding, Sorting & Qualification
★ Real Conversations
★ Response / Treatment
★ Transfer & Actions

Outgoing: outgoing calls & call campaigns

On all the automatic reminder topics. The assistant makes a follow-up call to your client at any time of the day.

★ Follow-up for confirmation, cancellation or change of appointment
★ Patient follow-up
★ Collection of client feedbacks
★ Give information & validation receipt info

Google Home/Alexa: “Assistant as a Service” on a speaker

Setting up a smart speaker has never been easier! A wake-up word and you’re off to incredible scenarios..

chatbox web

Google connected speaker

Invoke your Google home with a customized scenario!

Deploy an assistant on a connected speaker

No need to be a computer programming expert, with you build your scenarios directly on the platform. Deployment on connected speakers is easy!

Alexa connected speaker

 aTurn Alexa into more than intelligent virtual assistant and revolutionize your user experience.

Web: “Assistant as a Service”

Say goodbye to bad chatbots. Deploy a new “touch” on your application or website with a ready-to-use assistant.

chatbox web

All our Phonebots are accessible on the phone. You can build an assistant with TALKR that we will connect to Google Home & Alexa. All use cases applicable to call centers are also available on Google Home & Alexa.