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Through our dynamic ecosystem, we partner with renowned partners to provide your customers and ours with solutions that meet the real needs of their business. We work together to facilitate the transformation of companies and improve their competitiveness.

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Thanks to our partnership program, you will be able to be competitive, increase your market share, integrate new sectors and extend the scope of your offers. Join the Partner Program and let’s create a recipe for shared success together.

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Do you want to expand your service portfolio and take advantage of business opportunities? As a consulting partner, you partner with renowned experts to deliver service-oriented solutions

TALKR.ai offers a range of consulting and expertise services in cross-functional IT and digital to support VSEs/SMEs in their search for improvement of organizational processes, to help them in their digital transformation and their commercial performance.

Our activity consists in the marketing of a new generation software, allowing the management of customer requests, the optimization and the processing of inter-service tasks in the company, and to promote, by a very innovative concept, the customer relationship.

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Through our partner certification program, you benefit from real-world knowledge and industry best practices. We want to ensure that our solutions and services are easy to deploy, for an unparalleled customer experience. By leveraging Determine’s platform, you can deliver more services across your organization.


As a Talkr.ai reseller partner, you can expand your portfolio of products and services, offer new offers. We partner with top solution resellers and high value-added process outsourcing providers to market our offerings in industries, regions and countries where we do not have a presence.


To stand out and develop the value of your platform or solutions, join the TALKR.ai partner program. By offering common, complementary or integrated software solutions, we can improve our innovations.

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