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How to turn your dynamic FAQ into a virtual assistant

We offer you a live experience on 2 different corpus here: take a phone, click here and follow the guide!

How to train your artificial intelligence

Ivy understands what you tell her, finds the most suitable answer to your request using your FAQs, and responds in a natural speaking language.

Ivy works with NLP training and a huge dataset. Regular education allows her to improve her abilities constantly.

49% of Bot users hang up if they don’t get a response. With Ivy, your virtual assistant will understand all the requests and always provide you with an answer.

Ivy Api

Increase your conversational assistant’s performance by at least 30%.

You just need to choose the topics you want your NLU system to perform on.

It is not easy to create a conversational virtual assistant: this is a long and tedious process and not always very reliable with existing NLU/NLP systems. The Bot does not respond correctly every time.And above all, it is not within the reach of the company. With Ivy you will finally be able to breath!

Live demo with a phonebot

Setting up the CallBot

We are working on making Ivy autonomous and able to perform certain tasks on her own in complex conversational scenarios.

What makes our NLU different?

Our proprietary NLU engine is specifically designed for short, casual conversations (a few minutes long). The NLU is trained on +15,000 sentences for various predefined topics and to recognize +1,000 intentions in over 10 languages ​​using Deepl and your own Corpus.
TALKR.ai has looked into these questions and our R&D team has been working on the IVY conversational AI for 4 years!

TALKR.ai provides the first

Assistants as a Service

in the world

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