Need help or ideas to design your virtual assistant? our promise : Be 80% autonomous in 10 mints!

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Better understand how the back office works


We want to improve the way to make you autonomous so Talkr is easier to use than powerpoint!


We offer individual trainings for each person who wants to better understand the world of bots. If a tool does not provide pleasure it quickly becomes horrible and painful to use! We are here to accompany you

Pascal, COO Kwalys

Micro trainings of 15 minutes!

Improve the logic of your bot

Setting up Roi-stes stategies

Also, we offer various tutorials to take the tool in hand easily. No need to be a developer BUT on the other hand you have to know your business perfectly. We have of course, the theme related to your activity that meets your use case. Don’t wait anymore to build great scenarios!

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Nothing is more painful than a complicated interface for a job. Our ultimate goal, to have a logic even simpler than to create a decision tree in powerpoint. no line of code, just business logic.
Agnès C.