Your virtual assistant on the phone

Transform your contact centers, say no to IVRs and adapt free-flowing voice AI, empower your teams and treat your users in the best possible way

✨These leaders have gained in ROI thanks to AI and our conversational voice Assistants as a Services

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Whatever the trade

Marketing, Sales, Customer Relations, Support, After Sales, HR

Whatever your field of activity

Health, Energy, Transport, Banking, Services, Public Sector

Whatever the use case

Call center reception, appointments, parcel/order tracking, follow-up, FAQ, alert, secretary, workflow, lead qualification, survey, cold calling... No limits!

Whatever the channel

Phone, Web, Social networks, IOT, SMS/RCS, by API




Appointments honored




Waiting time


Boost your ROI with our off-the-shelf agents



Set up a bot already built with your data, through your dashboards

Assistant As a Service

Set up a pre-built bot and add your own specific scenarios

we take care of everything

Let our bots designers create the bot that meets your use cases.

Our multiple IAs personalize your assistants with nocode

Up to 85% of requests are processed automatically with voice automation tools in real time

1 bot all channels

Connect your Bot to all channels, including Telephony, Web, Messaging and Social Networks. Interact with your users on their preferred channels!
From the simplest to the most complex: there’s no limit thanks to multi-channel / omnichannel connectivity in natural language.

Connections to your data and APIs

TALKR supports all integrations with standard or in-house third-party tools, and integrates natively with your CRM, ERP, Knowledge Base, Sales and Automation tools or calendars.

Conversation and knowledge

TALKR also features a pre-trained engine and knowledge bases in our library of business knowledge and use cases.
Deliver a seamless experience to your users by enhancing interactions with Omni-Channel Conversational Virtual Assistants – CallBots & Chatbots.


Are you experiencing these problems?

Are your bottlenecks holding you back?

Our organization receives over 30% of unanswered calls

We meet a lot of now-shows and people who cancel without warning.

Impossible to answer all the incoming e-mails and tedious tasks, it’s becoming unmanageable. I want to find meaning again in my work.

I can’t hire a full-time employee to process requests, but one of my employees has burnt out.

calls continue to pour into HNO when no one answers


From Set up to Run, the key steps to success

The process is fast and involves just a few key stepside et s'articule en quelques étapes clés


Our team takes stock of your business issues and plans an interactive kick-off.

Defining the bot perimeter

Defining personas, expectations and personality of the bot

Dialog and data settings

Our team designs dialogues and knowledge bases with your businesses. To simplify the work, we only set the coverage zones via easy-to-use dashboards.


Alphatests are used to train assistants and finetunners.

Connecting to APis

We connect your assistant to your tools to personalize dialogues with your users.

Bêta tests

Once the assistant has been designed, a series of beta tests with end-users are launched, in order to make the assistant more robust.

How it work ?

Choose the Robocall TALKR - No code platform AI and channel orchestrator



  • 24/7 HO & HNO In reception, in overflow
  • Understanding, Sorting & Qualifying
  • Jump to another channel
  • Smart HO/HNO transfers
  • Calls ingoing / outgoing

Choice of voices and voice comprehension

Set your Assistant’s personality and highlights
Choice of speech transcription engines according to your use cases
  • Choose the voice for your bot – from robotic to human,
    it’s simple and easy
  • Emotion analysis included
  • Biométric voice

    The visual platform is designed for business users: You imagine, we script & automate

    TALKR supports all integrations with standard or in-house third-party tools. We integrate IAG while remaining RGPD compliant to guarantee data confidentiality. We use well-controlled knowledge bases to control the scope of the assistant and the semantics of the answers given.


    TALKR designs or augments your datasets with AI and LLMs

    With the right finetuning 🪄, your assistant responds to your users … Correctly! Before, this was a time-consuming and not always very reliable process with NLU/NLP systems. Generative AI makes it easier for companies to interact with their various users. We provide a library of model bots that adapt to your audiences and are ready to use via our No Code platform in just a few clicks.


    Control and supervise with a single click

    General statistics or statistics set on the fly: the bot tells you everything, thanks to intelligent monitoring.

    All conversations can get personalized follow-up. The bot automates the call, but also automates the analysis of the conversation/call. When setting up your dialogs, you can activate or deactivate certain parts of your bot according to your needs.

    Control your data in the console: easily modify a greeting, a contact e-mail, or any other information likely to change frequently.

    Track key bot performance indicators and identify automation opportunities


    Works perfect on all major platforms : Synchronize your bot with any Apis

    TALKR orchestrates turnkey workflows to maximize automation processes

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    First Step

    Sign up for the next webinar

    Which Callbot for which Use?


    Live demonstrations in chat / call / RCS mode.

    Save the date: January 25: 12:00 - 12:45 + Bonus









    What our customers/partners say

    20% time saved on pension issues

    Precious time saved with the pension simulator and calculator

    Yolande B. – Supplementary pension customer relations

    AG2R la Mondiale

    3% NO-Show at Total Energies

    Delivery reminders are processed and avoid NO-SHOWS

    Melkhir B. –Contact Supervisor  Total Energies


    40% time saved on applications since 2017

    Tens of thousands of questions processed by the bot every month

    Patrice Bonne : Ex . Manager customer relationship Advisen group / Extel / Philipps

    85% of calls are handled automatically

    Support requests for parcel management are handled automatically

    Rémi M. – Contact Center Supervisor – Welco

    800 Questions & Answers

    The assistant answers all my customers’ questions about my business
    Thierry Lavat – Optical store owner

    The tool is formidable without technical knowledge

    I have created several Usecases in the luxury sector without any particular knowledge.
    Jérôme M – Lead Innovation – Micropole Group

    Only 3% no-show in my patients

    Le robot a relancé mes patients pour leur rendez-vous dans la clinique ou j’exerce.  les secrétaires gagnent un temps consdérable
    Dr M. –  Hospital  Toulouse


    US & Europe

    Salon de Cannes

    Relive the conferences or meet us at trade shows

    Salon de Cannes

    CRM Meetings 2023 Cannes takes part in the first-ever trade fair for one-to-one meetings in Digital Marketing and Customer Relations

    Replay: how TALKR is disrupting contact centers with AI in the age of chatGPT

    Salon de Barcelone was present at Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona.


    Any questions?

    Before making an appointment, here are a few points to consider

    Can we make a single bot and connect it to the phone and the web at the same time?

    Fortunately! TALKR only designs Omnichannel bots: this makes it easy to switch from one channel to another during a conversation. It’s the best user experience to guarantee customer satisfaction.

    Can the callbot handle complex calls?

    Yes, TALKR callbots are capable of handling complex calls using advanced AIs, as well as automation processes that make even complex conversations natural. Depending on the scope defined by the organization, the agent transfers calls to a human agent if necessary during working hours.

    Can callbots speak several languages?

    Yes, TALKR Bots are multilingual: they are configured to support multiple languages and dialects, making them suitable for international markets.

    What is the cost for a POC and in production?

    TALKR offers several types of design: Demonstrator, Pilot or Finished Product. Depending on the scope required, these products range from €1 to €7K. Rates for the Run phase depend on the volume of conversations/calls and call duration.

    How is information secured when interacting with a callbot?

    Information security is our top priority at TALKR. Callbots can be configured to comply with security standards, such as data encryption, authorization management and compliance with data protection regulations. Data is stored entirely in France or in the country of the project: no data collected will be transferred to a third party for commercial or advertising purposes. TALKR also offers private cloud or on premise installations.

    How do you differ from other market players?

    Pioneer in virtual assistants since 2012; First assistant on the phone in 2016. Unique no-code platform for omnichannel assistant design and supervision.
    TALKR is a unique universal conversational orchestration tool, multi-IAs, Channels, Automation and Processes, with integrated telephony and RCS channel.

    Can I integrate a callbot into my existing telephone system?

    TALKR manages your telephone assistant from start to finish, and offers companies with no call center or IVR tools a turnkey Assistant as a Service solution.
    For companies with their own telephony systems (e.g. Cisco, Genesys) or contact center tools, TALKR interconnects easily with these tools, as we are an open, 100% API-enabled platform. In this sense, it’s up to the tools themselves to open up to TALKR.

    I've already got a use case, can you put a human voice on it for me?

    Yes, a “human voice” is possible for a bot. It’s important to consider this request when assessing the appropriateness of this usage. Sometimes users prefer to deal with slightly robotic voices. It all depends on the use case and your budget.

    Do you use GPT?

    😂 Yes, we’d love to, depending on your use case. We would never use chatGPT to interact directly with your customers. Nor would we advise you to use it with access to your company databases or with personal customer information, but only if you ask us to. It is possible, however, to anonymize data in order to use GPT. Another sticking point is the cost of tokens.
    With a view to enriching TALKR assistants, we are developing other Open source LLMs (TALKR is a member of the OpenLLM-France community).

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