🤝 How to choose the right speech to text (STT)?

Technology providers

To choose a good speech recognition software, it is important to consider the following criteria: the accuracy of the generated text, the support of several languages, the compatibility with different audio sources, ease of use and integration with other productivity tools.

Choose a good STT and the right Télco operator

It is also advisable to test several solutions to find the one that best suits your specific needs. Recognize a name, city, address or number for example.


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Allomedia / Uh’live

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Real-time stream API for voicebots Stream for voicebots, or Stream Human to Bots, or Stream H2B is a set of APIs allowing customers to create an interaction between a human end-user and a bot, for example to create an interactive voice response (IVR) on the phone, or a voicebot within an app.

VOIP telecom

VoipTelecom is a company specialized in telephony and communication services for businesses. Their solutions include IP telephony, conference calls, voice mail, virtual phone numbers and videoconferencing, providing businesses with professional and efficient communication with their customers and partners at reduced costs.


Whispeak is a company specialized in voice biometrics. Their voice recognition technology allows to authenticate users from their voice in real time, analyse their voice behaviour to detect possible fraud and extract useful information for businesses, such as sex, age and emotion.

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