Why working in the company?

We have the same vision as Caterpillar

Marketer, Growhacker, Commercial, LeadDev, Datascientist ! We are waiting for you !

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Our vision  : 

We are a humanist company. There are more and more companies which goal is not profit but common good, and is one of them. A humanist company is an organization committed to respecting human beings and the environment. Respect for people means having calm and honest relations with suppliers and customers and, internally, ensuring the well-being of employees. For a long time, the well-being of the teams was limited to material conditions, but it is a question of not forgetting the relational conditions, in particular the direct hierarchical relationship, for example with an N+1.

A humanist company is based on a new mode of management. We often quote the caricatural examples of football tables or meditation rooms at the office which are not enough to solve the problems of suffering at work. It is about respecting the employees, trust them and show them, promote their skills, appreciate their work, but also show empathy, benevolence and cooperation.

We are looking to expand our team with someone who…

Has the ability to dig and be curious, and is full of softskills.
Must have a good level in PHP / Javascript / NODEJS
Who is interested in TAL, Tensorflow and GPT
Who develops personal projects or games for example from an early age
Who can adapt to Sprints and remote work, who can make themselves available from time to time at 1 a.m. to discuss the future of robots
Who is ready to come to trade shows and share our daily life
Who thinks that robots will have an essential place in our daily lives?
Who spends his time on Github but not only


We offer :
Correct remuneration and motivating bonuses
Maximum flexibility on working time
To enter the capital and make a bet on the evolution of Talkr
The possibility of doing R&D in large part
Be part of a mixed team that does not count its hours and offers real projects
Travel for work abroad

We do not want :
An upstart
A mythomaniac / psychopath
A little genius full of himself
A puppet

  • IA 35% 35%
  • NODEJS 50% 50%
  • GPT 3  75% 75%
  • FULL STACK 80% 80%