The Omnichannel Approach

One assistant – Every channel

with voice and text


Discover the magic of conversational automation to guide your users

Your virtual agent works as much by voice as in text mode

Google assistant

Connect your most powerful robot to the world  and generate complex conversations through GoogleHome and Google Assistant


Amazon Alexa

Connect your robot with Alexa, Amazon’s first voice assistant and make it perform complex commands.

On demand

Voice over IP telephone assistant & create CallBots & IVR

Automate your IVR with complex scenarios without your users being frustrated by typing 1 or 2, interact with your users in real time

How it works ?

Messenger & Social media

Facebook Messenger

Connect your Bot in 2 clicks with  your facebook page to interact at any time of the day


“Please send me a DM”. Don’t wait for your users to complain on social networks to interact live and solve the most complex problems


Connect your Bot to social networks in order to be able to have automatic discussions with your brand or your business  via the FB network


Connect your Bot to the iPhone bubble to have richer and faster messages

In progress


SMS are the most popular channels. The best way to interact with your subscribers directly through automatic pushes.


Interact directly with your business teams who use Microsoft interfaces for collaborative work


We have the possibility to deploy a version in Executable format for Linux or Windows


A unique format for connecting from VHF (radio mode) to a Bot in digital format. A real technical feat!


Installation of the Bot in Voice format with micros installed on a Rasberry Pi


Trigger a phone call from a link in an email


Integrate a chatbot into your RCS pushes to replace SMS and take advantage of new enriched interactions

Your assistant on the Web with a personalized Chatbox
Create your own Chatbox.

 Customize the color, add your logo, and embed it all on your website or apps

chatbox web


A sleek little pop-up waits discreetly at the bottom right of your website to talk to your users.

Wrape in iFrame

Integrate a chatbox into your interface, starting a conversation has never been easier.

App / Electron

Integrate a ChatBot into your application, optimize it for a small screen, chat conversation is very intuitive for users.