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Katya Lainé, presents the future of virtual assistants

Kwalys on the Voice Commerce Theme – LAB by CB

Kwalys, software solution editor and chatbot.


Katya Lainé, digital woman September 2020

During our major conference on the digital trust of the French, we had the pleasure of exchanging …

I spoke with my artificial intelligence

CES 2022 :
Discover the 16 startups selected by Business France


Wavestone 2021 :

Kwalys and TALKR.ai are part of the radar of WaveStone startups


CES 2021 : 

French entrepreneurs mixed after this virtual edition


12 “business” solutions identified at the ESC.
The Las Vegas ESC is a wealth of innovative solutions that meet the challenges faced by businesses. Focus on twelve tools presented during this 2020 edition.



A Bot For Pre Diagnosing Covid-19.

Customer Experience Ideas (March 30 – April 3) : Brands are getting organized against COVID-19.

6 things to know before you start your day


CovBot :
Virtual Health Care Facilities

Virtual Assistant answers questions about Covid-19 in the Alpes-Maritimes

Listen to the podcast! On his desk, a provocative sticker sets the tone, with this sentence: “I prefer robots to human beings”.

Artificial intelligence endowed with sensitivity, reality or science fiction?
If these tools improve, the question arises whether it is not just their ability to converse like humans..

Monthly from Rennes. “Human didn’t said his last word
If these tools improve”, IAs replicate our obsessions and stereotypes

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