Presse Release

Press Release is a French scale-up of Bot, Voice & Phone Solutions.
Expert in user experience and conversational automation,’s solutions help organizations improve interactions with different audiences through intelligent virtual assistants by creating real automated conversations and adopting a conversational assistant that can do more than answer simple questions both by voice and chat in a unique omnichannel experience for end users. is a pioneer in France since 2016 in the field of bots. The company develops a unique technology and its own Natural Language Engine (NLU/NLP). This technology is the basis of its NO CODE Platform which represents a framework – an end-to-end “factory” to easily design omni-channel bots: Telephony, Web, Social Networks, Connected Speakers, IoT. The main advantage of the platform lies in its ease of use, as it was designed for businesses and gives companies the opportunity to expand their teams.
This platform is the only one in France that has integrated Telephony and has the quality Bot Orchestrator: the ability to upgrade existing Chatbots on the VOICE channel for telephony and connected speakers, as well as to orchestrate bots created with other technologies.
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At the occasion of Las Vegas CES 2023 internationally introduces its Assistants as a Service. This new concept was launched for the first time in the world in May 2022. has designed assistants that can be deployed in record time – less than a week, based on frequent use cases with minimal customization. The concept was born because companies do not have much time or resources to design custom virtual assistants, yet they have a strong need to better respond and satisfy customers and provide comfort to employees.
Thanks to its Assistants TALKR offers an improvement of the customer relationship and a valorization of the work of the collaborators and optimization of the processes of minimum 30%.
An example of assistant as a service is the telephone assistant (CallBot) for call centers or telephone secretariats. It takes 100% of the calls 24/7, qualifies them and processes them with an automation of more than 35% to 85% on certain questions and requests.
The Assistants as a Service are Plug & Play, available off the shelf and are easy to deploy with a very high return on investment (ROI). offers two categories of Voice Assistants as a Service: Corporate Assistants and Personal Assistants
Corporate Assistants are dedicated to telephone and Call Centers.
Inbound calls: reinvents and transforms the classic IVR (Interactive Voice Response) into true conversational phone assistants – adding not only natural language and voice AI to better understand the user’s needs, but also going further in the service rendered with immediate responses and processing of requests. Thanks to the CallBot, companies respond immediately and automatically to customers, avoiding waiting time of up to 3-5 minutes. The most important thing is the automatic processing of the request which allows to divide by 2 the incoming tickets and thus to optimize the processes of the company.
Outbound calls: The company’s Assistant calls users on all automatic reminder topics: appointment confirmation, delivery confirmation, unpaid reminder, and gives key information.
Flagship example: the Medical Appointment Confirmation Assistant to validate 100% of medical appointments and avoid “no shows”.
These Assistants are designed and adapted for all fields of activity: Industry, Health, Retail, Transport, Services, Energy, Banking and Insurance.
With 7 years of experience in the field of multi-channel virtual assistants, counts among its customers: Naval Group, Ministry of the Interior, Chronopost, Total Energies and many SMEs and ETIs and wishes to democratize and make assistants accessible to all for a better performance of companies.
Personal Assistant on the phone
TALKR is preparing for the early 2023 launch of TYA Assistant – a personal phone assistant dedicated to everyone’s cell phone that becomes your personal assistant. This assistant, currently in beta, picks up your phone if you don’t answer, replaces your voicemail, qualifies, sorts and answers calls, identifies the caller and personalizes the answer, informs you of urgent or important calls and takes your appointments directly in your calendar.