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How Talkr reinvents the way we help Chronopost customers with Leonard the virtual assistant

Our objective during the test and learn period spread over the beginning 2021


Improve customer relations outside business hours and answer user questions

The objective is to inform in HNO the users about the follow-up of parcels

Christophe B. Chronopost Project Manager

24/7 Mid-term objective to be able to respond 24 hours a day

Provide information about the packages

Delivery times according to the packages

A Talkr person has a package waiting to be delivered and dictates the number wrong to see how the robot reacts

by Pascal

We connected the chatbot created internally by Chronopost’s teams in order to be able to vocalize it. To be able to succeed in this exercise, we had to use a unique know-how in order to have a vocal transcription up to Chronopost’s expectations.

leonard voicebot

Find the full article of Zdnet here 📰

Kwalys and Talkr win an award at a usecase presentation in 2021! 💪 Thanks Leonard!

Through our platform we amplify the understanding of the virtual assistant to be able to answer the multiple questions asked by the users. We have connected the API of the virtual assistant developed in-house and we strengthen its level of nderstanding to be able to understand the SST (speech to text). By connecting to the Apis, we can deliver accurate information to users who want to have information about their package.

Update of the message from Christophe B. Chronopost

Measures et Kpis

20 users/ per second

We can increase the number of simultaneous lines up to 1000 during peak periodse


above 60%

the comprehension rate is globally higher than 60% on this usecase which is very complex

1 Bot

During the tests we only managed phone calls. But Leonard also exists on other channels that we do not manage (WEB & Googlehome, Viber…)

Telephone support

Leonard was plugged onto a phone support and connected to the chatbot Factory and Iluine Technology