1 minute reading - 1 minute video

First step: Welcome aboard

Welcome to the TALKR platform
Connect for the first time to the platform
Discover the main menu

How the FAQ works

Enrich the FAQ with an XLS file
Upload an XLS file in the FAQ section
Test your FAQ
Create an integration key for the FAQ

Take your first steps with us!

⚡️ Our documentation will help you set up a bot in no time.

💸 Building a custom bot requires little effort. of that, focus on your content of your FAQ and create your trees easily and without a line of code.

💥 Want more? Use advanced features like versioning, adding conditions and actions, send emails and SMS and customize your conversations.

💅 Check out the best bots for inspiration and read some testimonials.

🧐 If you’re ready to get on board then let’s add your first team members.

Access to the bots creation space

Did you receive an email to log in? Bravo


  • ✅ Keep your mail
  • ✅ Change your password once you get into the platform to make it even harder to crack
  • ❌ No basic password, that would be a shame

You discover the interface!

You will immediately see

1 vertical menu to access different sections

  • Bots
  • FAQs
  • Integrations and channels
  • Statistics because you need them 🙂
  • Supervision
  • Help
  • Account management





and in the center, 2 possible directions

  • ✅ Decision trees
  • ✅ Frequently asked questions: FAQs
  • ❌ and not anything else why complicate your life?