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In the insurance industry we can use voice assistants to help callcenters better manage all the tasks they need to perform

Typology of use cases frequently encountered by insurers

Improving the satisfaction of the members & users is the great leitmotiv par excellence

24/7 availability

User recognition

Management of complex requests

Estimates and reimbursements

Appointment setting and follow-up

Editing documents

Pre-qualification of calls

Emergency management

Certificate of Insurance Renewal


Request an appointment with a customer advisor


Example of a chatbot in WEB format

In order to cope with the high number of calls and peaks generated by the campaigns carried out by insurers, call centers must equip themselves with virtual assistants called CallBots to free up work time and improve customer relations. Virtual agents can have quick conversations with users regardless of the time of day. They can process and automate simple and more or less complex requests according to the scenarios that have been programmed.

There are several use cases that allow to automate the customer experience without degrading it. We are going to present you different use cases that we are able to set up.

The request for document renewal and insurance certificate or the listing of the last refunds or the delivery of an insurance certificate

Depending on the season, we notice peaks in calls and therefore requests that will vary.

The need for a duplicate or a new invoice or for example a request for a certificate is commonplace within an insurance company. This type of task is entirely carried out from A to Z by the virtual assistant after verification of the client’s login and password as well as his contract number in order to be able to send him a link by sms or directly by email or even trigger the sending of a physical mail. There are several ways to verify the identification of the person either by an identification by SMS it is called the double authentication or by the secret question or even bar the identification by voice.

In case of an accident or disaster the virtual assistant can take over for a pre-identification and save time

A problem with a car or a physical accident can be reported in real time so that a decision can be made quickly in the customer service department. The virtual assistant will ask questions about the location and identification of the person as well as the type of claim and will be able to transfer to an agent as quickly as possible in order to be able, for example, to bring an intervention vehicle to the place of the accident.

To be able to estimate the amount of reimbursement for dental or surgical care:
The virtual assistant can then pre-qualify the claim and provide the amount to be reimbursed for the care performed according to the coverage chosen.
Before choosing whether or not to use a health care provider, a client may want to know the estimated reimbursement amount based on their health care coverage and the type of care involved. By identifying individuals via a user token and their customer ID.

The voice agent can be used to simulate reimbursement rights. To do this, it retrieves all the necessary information to give the client an estimate of the amount of care they are entitled to. Without taking the time of an agent, customers are supported in their efforts and can get answers immediately and independently. For example, Opusline and LigneClaire deployed this use case in 2018 with in a web-based version to help its customers quickly and independently know how much they are covered based on the beneficiary.

Mr. Vincent: Customer Relations Expert – AG2R la Mondiale.

Bots are a new way of dealing with our customers, more reactive, more adapted to their uses…

Tanguy Vincent
Head of Digital Solutions and Innovation
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