In the restaurant industry: We can use voice assistants to reserve a table or order a basket by voice

Typology of use cases frequently encountered in restaurants: Booking a table, the BarTender!


Being able to respond at any time is important for restaurants that often live in shifts, and whose schedules are not always convenient

24/7 availability

User recognition

Management of available tab

Estimation of quotes for orders (E-Commerce)

Payment/invoice alert and reminder

Pre-qualification of calls

Appointment booking

Reservation follow-up in administrator mode


Changing a table reservation

by Restaurant de la paix

It is often the same thing: we call the restaurant but it is closed. Impossible to reserve a table for tonight or tomorrow lunch. And when you call, it’s a rush, everyone is busy. To cope with the reservation requests, the virtual assistant will record in real time the reservations in the restaurant or the brasserie’s schedule according to the services via APis. The virtual agents can have quick conversations with people who want to book a table at the restaurant regardless of the time of day. They can process and automate table modification, reservation or cancellation requests according to scenarios that have been programmed in advance.

We are going to present you different use cases that we are able to set up. They adapt perfectly to the users’ needs by automating all the processes via our BMS (Bot management system)

Reserve a table in a restaurant for the same day or another day and record everything in the restaurant’s calendar.

The restaurant owner has control over the scenario in order to specify the number of tables available. He is able to identify the number of remaining seats. Sometimes, in case of impediment, he can also free a place.

Another use case: ordering products: Example of fruits and vegetables

The virtual assistant is able to generate an order by asking the quantities and the type of products. The order can be done in a fully automatic way. The virtual assistant can then pre-qualify the request and provide the amount of the order. The virtual assistant will of course remind the users if the invoices have not been paid or are in delay of payment.

Katya Lainé explains the challenge of virtual assistants

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Data processing

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