Use cases > Clinique Pasteur reinvents the way patients are contacted about their medical appointments

Our goals


We want to help healthcare professionals better manage their schedules by calling patients the day before their appointment

Possibility typology

Available options

Automatic follow-up of patients the day before a medical appointment

Management of doctors' schedules

Additional service that the organization offers to its users, which is more personal than a text message

The voice assistant serves as a reminder to patients and allows them to confirm an appointment made for a doctor the day before the appointment. The patient can confirm, cancel, or change the appointment via the voice assistant.

Thanks to, an automated processing of outgoing and incoming calls is performed in real time. The Bot is not only able to answer simple questions, but also to make appointments and validate appointments by a simple configuration without technical knowledge. This allows for a greater return because we get an answer the day before the appointment which allows us to fill the no shows.



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Integration usage


appointments were taken care of by the PhoneBot

Working day, non-working day scenarios

different scenarios are deployed depending on the time and day


Integrating a robot in CallBot format after the phone