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Welco and join forces for a unique customer experience!

Deployment in less than three months to improve call center management


Improve customer relations outside business hours and answer user questions


Natural Language Conversational Assistant on the Phone and on the Web assisted Welco in the design of a totally innovative customer relationship center: a virtual and hybrid contact center, 100% automated and accessible 24/7 on 2 channels (Phone & Web), linking human to conversational AI technology, in order to bring the best of both worlds to the service of end-users.

We have implemented a 360° Assistant who picks up and responds to 100% of calls and messages via chat; he is the main entrance to the company 24/7 without interruption. Specific scenarios are set up in HO and HNO. The assistant handles all questions, requests and transfers.


Telephony management

Medium term objective to be able to respond 24/7

Provide information about the packages

Delivery times according to the packages

Someone from has a parcel waiting to be delivered and dictates the number wrong to see how the robot reacts

by Pascal

Welco history called on us to set up and organize its customer service. We started “from scratch”, as no IVR solution existed. We accompanied and assisted Welco in the design of a totally innovative customer relationship center: hybrid and 100% automated linking human to conversational AI technology, in order to put forward the best of both worlds to the service of the end users. It is an omnichannel conversational assistant, present on the phone channel as well as on the web channel, which manages all incoming calls and requests. We provided Welco with our technology and platform, but we also accompanied Welco throughout the entire process of setting up its customer service: from the design of the approach to the manufacture of the Assistant, right up to the follow-up once the tool was in production.


Welco is a startup company that we were able to implement today with a tool that includes conversational and voice AI that is often accessible to larger companies in an intuitive and extremely fast manner. Welco was previously “staffed” with only two agents who answered the phone lines and we knew that Welco was facing a constant increase in calls due to the increase in packages handled annually. The implementation of Welco’s Virtual and Hybrid Customer Service was done in record time allowing us to equip ourselves from A to Z with telephony management and automatic processing of conversations and requests on two channels.


An improved customer experience


At the heart of our business is the user, regardless of the area of activity or the business they are addressing within the company. Two core elements of our business are simplifying the customer journey and improving the customer experience by handling every interaction immediately, regardless of the channel. The central idea of a Virtual Assistant is that it serves both the user and the company. The fact that the Assistant is connected to the tools and to the IS gives the possibility to fetch an information or document internally (CRM, ERP, agenda, etc.). RPA is fluid and transparent for the user. Another main difference is that the Assistant is not just an ordinary voice server with AI that detects intentions. It goes beyond this simple qualification and processes entire conversations with their context.

The user is looking for 5 things: to be immediately in touch with the brand whatever the time, to be understood and to have his request answered directly or at least taken into account immediately, to have a supported follow-up and at the end but not at the last place: that everything happens with empathy and benevolence in the 100% automated and hybrid interaction. The best answer to these 5 needs today is offered by the combination of Conversational Assistant / Advisor. It is now a fact: we have automated 85% of calls at Welco. On the other hand, the advisors are present for the remaining 15% of the cases and above all are upskilled within the company. The advisor is valued because he or she will handle more complex cases or will be trained to be in charge of the Assistant.

Our customer centric approach has considerably improved the customer experience at Welco, for whom interactions with customers are more fluid. This fluidity is also reflected in the virtualization, automation and 24/7 access of the Contact Center. The virtual assistant receives all calls and chat messages. This also allows for quick and immediate responses to our customers’ expectations and requests, making the solution especially responsive because it acts in real time.


Our startup has been using Talkr for more than 1 year. The bot’s resolution rate exceeds 85%: we can focus on higher value-added questions
Rémy Malaizy

Customer Service Director, Welco

Measures et Kpis

3 users/ simultaneous

Working hours / non-working hours

Variable scenarios depending on opening hours


85% self-resolution


increase in call handling capacity for the same investment

1 Bot

We manage Welco’s bot on the telephony mode and the web channel

÷ by 2

the number of incoming tickets thanks to the assistant

Telephone support

Welco’s bot was plugged onto a phone support and connected to the website’s chatbot