Welcome to the TALKR.ai platform: discover the Talk Studio

Design a Bot quickly and easily using Zero Code

Intuitive Interface.

Intuitive interface.
TALKR.ai’s unique interface and its Talk Studio allow you to design intelligent Bots. Anyone can create a Bot in no time.
Make easy what is difficult!
Solve complex situations in a simple way. With zero code needed, create a whole new workflow to revolutionize your work process.
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Connecting the box.

We have everything you need to design your own scenario. Following our simple, step-by-step process, use just four items to build your very own robot tree. Save time on the creation of the Bot to focus on its content!


A key part of any conversation is being able to ask and answer questions. Connect the speech bubbles together to create a nice and smooth conversation.


Thanks to the actions you can choose the best path for each user, understand his question and meet his needs.


Jump from one scenario to another. Decision trees can quickly become complex with a lot of links: no more confusion with MagicMove!


Script and highlight issues to help resolve complex issues effortlessly.

Live testing

Analysis of the Conversation

Constantly test your bot in real time while building it to save time. Use the chat box to find out what your users are doing.


Choose the language of the robot

Create a multi-language Bot and connect it anywhere in the world with your own content or with Deepl

Emotion analysis

Sentiment analysis

Customize the emojis on each bubble to make your robot truly more human.


Saving trees

Navigate between all versions of your Bot. If an error occurs, no problem, just revert to the latest version.


Looking for a box

Navigate a complex conversation scenario made easy and fast