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Covidis it possible to make a vaccine
appointmentI would like to cancel an appointment, how can I do it?
appointmentI would like to make an appointment with the mayor
environmenti would like to know if barbecues are allowed?
environment<burning leaves in the garden
ScheduleWhat are the hours of the town hall?
environmentam I allowed to prune my neighbor's tree branches?

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We offer you a unique live experience on different bodies: City Hall and Insurance but the new demonstration is a surprise let us guide you!

*Complete this dataset with your own set of questions and answers! Our artificial intelligence algorithm does the rest for training.

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Your collaborators have other things to do than to make reminders to fix an appointment date, right?

Example: appointment request and message left

by Kwalys

Our assistant includes up to 87.2% of the intents and purposes in 2022

Ivy is available on the TALKR.ai platform

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