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How’s Bot is reinventing the way reclassification compensation is calculated to make it easier and faster for clients

Our goals

We want to improve user satisfaction and provide personalized information quickly

“Information for each individual on how much they will receive and when they will retire.”

Yolande, Customer Relationship Manager for Pensions

24/7 availability for consultations

Real-time estimations

Complex calculation rules

A ChatBot that performs retirement information consultations and allows users to get the estimated amount of their retirement fund as well as the expected date of retirement, at the end of the call, based on several parameters. The Bot answers questions such as: When will I retire? And how much will I receive?

Independent AG2R retirement simulation produced for demo purposes only


With the platform automated processing of calculations and reports is sent to users in real time. The Bot is not only capable of answering simple questions, but also of performing complex calculations through a simple configuration without technical knowledge. All calculations are configured in the Bot, no API is connected.

Bots are a new way of dealing with our customers, more reactive, more adapted to their uses, allowing us to do things differently, in particular by trying to better adapt to the constraints of our interlocutors thanks to language understanding.
On the advice of the firm that accompanies us, we appreciate the solution for its functional richness and the speed with which we can get back on track to make the necessary adjustments.

Tanguy Vincent
Head of digital solutions and innovation
AG2R La Mondiale



The platform is not only a ChatBot builder but also an access to all the tools you need to integrate your bot into a new global process.

3 Uses for integration


After working hours responses

2 Bots

The platform is not only a ChatBot builder but also an access to all the tools you need to integrate your Bot into a new global process.


SMS campaign for appointment booking

Web site

Integration of a retreat robot on the company’s website


Campaign with a CallBot for retirement and withholding tax in 2019