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CB Cartes Bancaires offers to all merchants, banks and all our members, the knowledge and the possibility to build an efficient VoiceBot

“With guidance and advice. We’ve proven that it’s easier and faster than ever to create a Voice Bot and integrate secure payment and biometric authentication.”

Romain, head of the BC Innovation Lab

A Bot from beginning to end

Integrated payment with Voxpay

Multi-channel approach with 4 voices or discussion channels

Purchase pizza and drinks by voice by ordering them verbally via a Google Home device or by phone. Just say you want to order a pizza and the VoiceBot will guide you through the different steps of your order: what type of pizza, what drink, and delivery information. To prevent fraud, you will then receive an SMS to confirm your payment, bank details and identity, in a simple and secure way.

4 channels

Build the use case

3 weeks

Build the use case

1 Bot

The platform is not only a ChatBot builder but also an access to all the tools you need to integrate your Bot into a new global process.

Working with the platform. The entire ordering process was set up in just 2 weeks using the platform. Google Home was simply used as a channel. Only 1 Voice Bot was created and then connected to all channels: Google Home, phone, website and Facebook.

In the field of electronic payments, the Grouping of bank cards is a private economic interest grouping that brings together most of the French financial institutions with the aim of ensuring the interbanking of payment cards.

Le groupement a été créé en 1984 pour faciliter l’acceptation en France des cartes de paiement émises par les deux principaux réseaux de l’époque : le réseau Carte bleue et le réseau Carte verte.

Au conseil de direction, sont représentées les principales banques françaises, dites membres principaux : Banques populaires, BNP Paribas, Groupe Caisse d’épargne, Crédit Mutuel CIC, Crédit agricole, LCL, HSBC France, La Banque postale, Société générale, Banque Accord (Groupe Auchan), Carrefour Banque.



Payment by phone for payment

Web site

Integration of a retirement robot on the company’s website


SMS campaign for appointment booking