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How’s 5 multi-language bots are reinventing the way service users interact with bots located in Europe

Our goals


We want to automate part of the after-sales service requests from users who encounter a malfunction with our products in 5 languages

“Automatically process user requests that touch the after-sales service”.

Patrice Bonne, Avidsen customer relationship manager

24/7 availability for consultations

Traitement des demandes entrantes : Ces ChatBots à 360° permet la gestion du Self-care et du Service Après Vente.


Complex logic rules: These Bots in 5 different languages allow an international understanding for the customers.

The ChatBot handles incoming requests. The Bot answers questions such as: I have a problem with my videophone how can you help me?

Ce sont des assistants virtuels adaptés dans 5 langues: Français, Allemand, Néerlandais, Italien, Espagnol pemettant d’être utilisés à l’international mais ils sont également sur 4 marques : Philips, Avidsen, Thompson et Extel.
Cette stratégie multi-marques permet de donner de la plue-value à l’impact du projet.


With the platform, it is possible to set up FAQs without technical knowledge and to solve complex problems by filling in “conversational flows”.

Bots are a new way of dealing with our customers, more reactive, more adapted to their uses, allowing us to answer their technical questions, in particular by trying to solve breakdowns.
We appreciate the solution for its rich functionality and the speed with which we can build scenarios without code.
Patrice Bonne
Director of Customer Relations




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Extel’s overall service after sale coverage rate

5 Bots

The platform is not only a ChatBot builder but also an access to all the tools you need to integrate your Bot in a new global process


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