How the Bot interacts with Mariton’s customers and prospects during working and non-working hours

Our goals


We wanted to improve user satisfaction and quickly provide personalized information about order tracking, guarantees, information about nets

Goal: “Contextualized information for each dealer who calls the robot and is recognized via their phone number.”

Marie-Claude, Director of Customer Relations and Call Center

24/7 availability for consultations

Estimation of real time order processing time


An advanced FAQ with more than 1500 intentions

This CallBot allows to obtain the delivery date of the nets and to have a follow-up of the orders on the one hand and on the other hand allows to dispatch within the teams the calls according to the geographical position of the salesmen. The Bot answers questions such as: When will I be delivered? I would like to be put in touch with a salesperson? Are the nets weatherproof? etc.

The platform is connected to the company’s CRM tool and can therefore upload information in real time. By recognizing the user, the Bot personalizes the interactions by detecting the person who is calling. This allows to know which are the new callers also in order to redirect them more easily.






Thanks to the CallBot, our customers can have an instant response outside the traditional openings. The robot is trained on different areas and can transfer calls during the day to our teams or send emails.

The management of Mariton



1200 calls/month

The platform is a ChatBot and CallBot builder but also an access to all the tools you need to integrate your Bot in a new global process. Everything can be monitored in the platform in real time.

Integration usage


After working hours responses

2 Bots

A Bot in phone format and a bot on the web (planned for 2022)


Automatic phone calls


Web site

Integration of a robot on a subpage of the website to guide prospects