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 Conversational automation for users that improves your business.


We create automatic virtual conversations with your users thanks to our artificial intelligence and our No code platform

Omnichannel Solution & Orchestrator #Plug & Play, voice and text

No Code Plateform

Custom-made Bots

Assistants as a Service

  • Design no code assistants
  • NLP/NLU French IVY engine
  • Dialogue Maker
  • STT & TTS agnostic
  • Dynamic workflows
  • KPIs Conversation
  • Monitoring & DMT
  • Orchestrator mode
  • End-to-end or à la carte
  • Multilingual
  • Complex scripts
  • Voice biometrics
  • IT connection & APIs
  • SaaS FR/ Private Cloud/ Local

Whatever your use case, your field of activity, your business or the channel on which you interact with your users, TALKR allows you to autonomously build the most efficient Bots with real voice and chat conversations thanks to voice chatbot and artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Plug & Play assistants are quick and easy to customize, the bots are available on the shelf.

An example being our flagship product: a voice phone assistant for call centers.

Our phonebot takes all your calls, 24/7, qualifies them and processes them with 40% to 90% automation on some topics. Trigger automatic actions and personalize the customer relationship.


The revolutionary platform to design a bot without code.

Discover our no-code business tool
no-code business tool and see how conversational AI can reduce customer wait times by 100%.


A rich news at and for good reason!


CRM Meetings 2023 Cannes participates in the first ever exhibition of one-to-one meetings in Digital Marketing and Customer Relationship Management

Replay: how TALKR is disrupting contact centers with AI in the age of chatGPT was present at the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona.

Whatever the field of activity, for all companies and communities

Your users deserve the best experience


In other words, give your users a perfect experience by improving interactions with ChatBots and VoiceBots for customer relationship management and platform. CallBots and ChatBots are used to better interact with users and improve your ROI.

Give an immediate and concrete answer to your users

Stop wasting precious time, optimize all interactions with your users.

Improve user engagement and grow your business

The all-in-one platform accessible to business and non-technical profiles


Building a Bot is not a goal, only a way to better manage your interactions


The platform is not only a ChatBot builder but also an access to all the tools you need to design and integrate your assistant in a new global process

Create a bot and go to industrial scale

Connect it to all tools like phone, social networks, teams or the web


Scalable for any use case and talk volume, regardless of channel. Robust your bot

The channels offered by TALKR

From the simplest to the most complicated: no limits thanks to multichannel / omnichannel in natural language. connect your ERP and your CRM

Visual botbuilder
train your AI with our NLP

Imagine the best dialog

Thanks to, your assistant finally answers… Correctly!


Creating a conversational virtual assistant, dedicated to businesses, is not an easy task.

This is a long process and not always very reliable with NLU/NLP systems: the Bot does not respond correctly every time. And above all, it is not within the reach of the business. has been tackling these issues and our R&D team has been working on IVY conversational AI since 2018

Train your Bot: It’s fast and easy, you take little time to train your Bot. It’s ZERO code and within everyone’s reach.

Meet our team of conversational designers


We do not count our hours to lead you on the road to success and delight your users.


We have business and domain agnostic expertise and a support team to design and manage your intelligent assistants.


Our ambassadors are our customers: they testify

Personalized coaching à la carte in person and with our partners and training in conversational design

Our teams of Bots designers, our partners or your own teams design efficient Bots. The support is at several levels: Onboarding – Training Assistant design – Customization support – Custom Bots support – End-to-end or à la carte support.

I discover the best tutorial to become an expert in the world of Bots

The Results 🏆 : in 2 weeks a perfect autonomy in the world of bots ! In 2 months your bot is industrialized and on several channels!


time saved on pre-retirement meetings

Yolande B. – Supplementary Retirement Customer Relations

AG2R la Mondiale

800 Q/R


The assistant answers all my customers’ questions about my business Thierry Lavat owner of an optical store

Thierry  Lavat – Ol Optic – Optical

2500 questions & answers


40% of all requests are handled by the assistant since 2017

Patrice B : Ex . resp customer relations Advisen group / Extel


of support requests for package management are processed


Rémi M. – Contact Center Supervisor


A real time ROI boost

Capitalize on real-time statistics


The platform provides real-time business insights through fully customizable analytics dashboards that allow users to measure the ROI of automated processes, track key engagement performance indicators and identify new automation opportunities.


Live demonstration

Attend the next TALKR webinar directly online

Take advantage with chatGPT in a callbot


Live demonstrations in chat / call / SMS mode etc.

The date: October 2023: 11:30 - 12:10 + Bonus








And you ?

On which channels do you want to connect your bots? All of them?


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