🎯Success stories – Our customers tell us in which use cases they have used TALKR



Creation of a virtual assistant to manage the after-sales service while allowing a presence for the customers at any time.

ETI : sale of mosquito nets

Api connection to IS

Customer relationship


Transforming the Léonard chatbot into a callbot with custom scenarios. (with the support of Devoteam in 2019)

ETI : Retail IoT

Api connection to IS

Customer relationship

AG2R La mondiale [2 channels]

Creation of the EIR chatbot to calculate the amount of the pension, the simulator is totally done internally without external APi to calculate the pension. // other use case on the levy at source by phone

Key account: insurance

Customer relationship

Avidsen 5 langues

Creation of a multilingual virtual assistant to manage technical support during the installation of video surveillance systems on IVR and chatbot.

PME : Retail IoT 

Customer relationship

Api connection to IS

Total Energie

Creation of a virtual assistant on the phone to manage the after-sales service while allowing a presence for the customers at any time with automatic outgoing calls and incoming calls

Key account : energy

Customer relationship

Api connection to IS


Chatbot Bartender to find your favorite cocktail . US and Chinese format

Key account : Retail IoT Language English / Chinese

Customer relationship

Custom design

Chatou town hall

Informative callbot allowing time saving and contact at any time

Public Actor : Insurance

User relationship


POC : Callbot for making appointments to save time and take news of a close relation

Public Actor : Health

Patient relationship

CB Bank card

How Kwalys bots reinvent the way to buy a pizza by voice

Key account : Bank insurance


Open Group

HR bot for recruitement.

ETI : Digital & IT


Connexion Api to SI

Naval Group

The Goseap application might interest you! It is a collaborative platform for sharing at sea

Key account : army


Connexion Api to SI


POC : Demonstrating chatbot, smart IVR, VHF, callbot on different channels

Public Actor : Ministry of the Army

Public sector

Phenix office

How Kwalys bots reinvent the way to calculate retirement benefits and make it quicker and simpler for customers.



Connexion Api to SI

Engie X Endel

File vacation days and get HR information

Key account : energy

Human ressources

Connexion Api to SI

MTN with Talan

POC: connecting a bot to answer users

Major Group : Telecom


Connexion Api to SI

Let's invent your future usecase together

Let’s build your use case together with the Talkr team and our partners!


Whoever you are, TALKR.ai matches your needs

Key features of the platform


The CallBot includes the contact information of your callers to allow you to access their file more quickly

Understand the subject of the conversation before transferring to the right agent

Do you receive many requests for simple information? Give your users clear answers to their most frequent questions

Sentiment analysis
To know if people are satisfied or not in order to make the right decision in the course

Voice Biometrics
Check in real time if the caller is the right one and that there is no identity theft

Know everything about the paths used to refine the scenarios

Synonyms management allows to increase the understanding of the Bot

Conversation history
Each conversation is unique, it is stored according to the period you want

Change of channel
Don’t panic, you can switch from SMS to phone or web since the conversation history is kept

Webhook and Apis Our apis management system is adapted to the business no need for technical knowledge to connect an APi

Logical, variable, personal and arithmetic operations
Calculate a car loan or fees on the fly, use regexes without code; this is the heart of the system

Dynamic decision trees
An easy-to-use platform that requires no coding skills

3-Click Integrations

Easily connect other web applications to TALKR.ai so they work together seamlessly to share information, automate workflows and improve your customers’ experience.

Connect your Salesforce CRM or Hubspot to our tool

Integrate the Bot
In wordpress and your website

Add tasks

Google Sheet
Export import from XLS

The robot sends data to your favorite tools

Store information
Store information in the platform

Chat with our robot and Ivy

Having a specialized bot is good, having a transversal bot is better!


Connect to your CRM

Connect your bot to this powerful and modern CRM. Your bot can find all the information it needs to have an accurate conversation with your users…


Ask us our history

Like all great stories, Talkr & Kwalys’ story is incredible!

Ask us to introduce our team

Some people buy a product, others buy the team that develops the product.





Request a demonstration

Thanks to a direct connection with our team’s agenda, our bot is able to book a meeting for you.


Ask for information about our products

Through a connection to all pages of our website, our robot is able to find the information you request.


Get a free mug

With the command module, the robot will take your order and send you the Talkr mug.


Be careful, the mode is unbridled  in this demonstration (sensitive soul abstain), Our customers have all chosen the bridged mode obviously to avoid errors of any kind but they have all understood why IVY boosts their own FAQ. The free mode is purely experimental and is not intended to be commercialized.