🎬We love APis, Over 100 integrations and those of your internal tools

Integrate and couple tools easily without code

CRM; tickets; Calendars; E-commerce, ERP nothing resists to TALKR. Your chatbot can of course be deployed on any website or application, even if it was not designed via a CMS but with your own code. Integrate our platform with all the tools you love

TALKR’s various solutions are integrated with the tools small businesses are already using.

Display, add and extract information from Hubpsot

Display, add and extract information from Salesforce

Display, add and extract information from Zoho

Integrate your e-commerce

Connect to ChatGPT

Integrate pdf’s as you go

Integrate your chatbot on Wordpress

Connect to Zapier

Integrate your chatbot on Webflow

Integrate your chatbot on Wix

Connect to Google Sheets

Connect Calendly

Connect to Airtable

Integrate bots by using Notion

Connect to GetResponse

Link the bot to Mailjet to send emails

Add an RPA automation system

It is possible to connect channels easily

Messaging channels have no secret for us; connect with tools to make appointments, receive information.

Integrate Whatsapp to your channels

Connect to Insta !

Connect to Twitter

Connect to Discord

Connect to Telegram !

Connect to WeChat

Connect to Skype

Connect to Facebook

Connect to Linkedin

Integrate telephony

Connect to Aircall

Connect to Genesys

Link SMSmode for the RCS / SMS part

Link to Woocommerce

Link to Twilio

Waste no more time and connect your work tools

Automatic task processing is the heart of TALKR: Pay or authenticate: everything is possible

Combine Talkr and Make.com

Launch your bots in Slack

Integrate bots on Teams

Send your tickets on Jira

Send your tickets on Freshworks

Integrate tickets on Zendesk

Linking Penbox forms

Pay online with Voxpay

Pay with Stripe

Authenticate the voice with Wispeack

Connect your automation tool

Find the source of contact

Connect your automation tool

Dockerize your own TALKR

Connect your BDD with Algolia

Connect your automation tool

Find emails with Dropcontact

Set up weathermapApi’s weather

Track your visitors

Using the government’s Apis

Scraping data from PhantomBuster

Send your mails with TALKR URLS with lemlist

Medical Appointment

Pay on line

Put voice to your conversations

Benefit from beautiful custom voices

Using Voxygen voices

Using the neural voices of Acapela

Use the Google TTS

Your own voice in MP3 and paralinguistics

Linking a callcenter as Foundever

Understand STT with Allomedia / Uhlive!

I am not a developer but I integrate GPT in less than 2 minutes without any trouble

No APi rest resists to our builder

Can’t find your application in this list?
We integrate it for you if it is in Json Rest API format. This usually takes less than 1 hour

APi format ( get post delete…)